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money. their traditional organizes, the red cross, the bush/clinton fund. in the appeal to america's generosity and compassion we will respond but i urge viewers to pay close attention to whom you send your check or who whom you give your credit card number. the second challenge i think is not unlike those we've seen in other natural events, this magnitude. this is a poor -- this is the most impoverished country in the western hemisphere. very little infrastructure to start w very little pipeline, inadequate roads and given the magnitude of the devastation we shouldn't be surprised initially there are problems with distributing the aid that we know they denied to desperately. >>> they'll work it through. >> neil: we do. but are you saying the better part of valor might be to avoid haitian government authority and find either respectable international relief agencies to do that? >> yeah, at the outset americans would be -- i would advise americans to contribute to those entities they know of and perhaps had supported in the past, direct their aid in that fashion. the longer term que
state are basically saying to the rest of america, don't do for america you did in massachusetts. the premiums have gone up 30%. >> neil: scott brown was behind that with mitt romney. >> but now he's saying pretty clearly, i will block healthcare reform for the rest of the country. >> neil: he finds a lot he likes. was it black and white? sure. he said make me the 41st vote. i will block healthcare reform and we'll go back to the beginning and do it all over again. when he talks about healthcare reform, what he talks about is what i talk about, john mccain talked about. market reform. let's do tort reform. get all that unnecessary medical malpractice, hundreds of millions, possibly billions, that we waste on that out of the system. democrats don't want to touch that which kills it as a bipartisan reform. second, let's have the ability to buy health insurance all over the country. that will drive the price down, not up the way it did in massachusetts. third, do it through the tax code, give everybody a tax exemption to buy health insurance to make the product marketable. >> neil:
for president. that's what is great about america, people get to decide. >> neil: you weren't making a bigger statement on her and the message to women. >> no, no. my if you havey comment was many years ago. >> there's nothing frumpy about this cover. >> thank you. >> i was going to say, in business and in life, in the end, what's the most important thing? deliver results. people of california are crying for the california state government to get it done. they don't want the details just fix it. i think that's what i can try to do. >> neil: how do you know an schwarzenegger get along. >> he we get along well. >> he doesn't say don't pick on me. >> he has done workman's compensation and redirecting but it's harder than he or anyone else thought. >> neil: all right. the power of many is the book, value for success and business. meg whitman, leading in the republican race within 10 points of the democratic candidate. all right. trying to get the government to cut spending? i liken it to me trying to cut back on ca noely. hope springs eternal. they sneak back and so do the pounds. the diet guru l
. but congressman, i put it to you, that's not the way politics is done in america, is it? you spend taxpayers' money, you buy votes, you buy constituents. i but the same question to you as i did to the tea party guys, you are asking for a revolution in politics. >> you know every once in a while you need to flush the toilet. it's okay to do it and eats a good thing. we ran a very different campaign that we had no paid staff, we had all volunteers. i refused to go into debt. i refused to buy anybody free meals. i didn't even have a campaign office. but the message -- >> look, you don't like pork and you don't like earmarks. you could be accused, and anybody who grease with you in congress would be accused of not bringing home the bacon. some of your voters might not like this. and other constage win sis might not like the fact you are not pulling federal money to their ticket. have you ever thought of that. >> i think a lot of my colleagues are it wrong. people stand up and applaud. i was voted in with huge margins. i said, look, if you want somebody to bring home the pork, you are electing th
the constituents and people of america want and we don't get a healthcare bill that makes it more difficult for people with insurance, drives up the cost -- >> neil: you were never a fan but you think that this is going to accomplice indicate things to put it mildly for democrats? >> i think it's a huge problem for the democrats. >> neil: i think it's the opposite. it will force a emergency closed door operation whether you go for the 60 votes or a simple majority, the nuclear option to vote in the senate, or you just have the house vote on what the senate's doing and wham, bahm, thank you ma'am. >> if you're a deal making democrat that might be true but they have a deal with the hard left. >> neil: tell the hard left it's this or we botch it completely. >> i'm not sure that sells. they'll have unhappy democrats and get a deal that's a monstrosity or we will end up with a bad healthcare bill. either event, a victory by scott brown or close loss will send shock waves. >> neil: a close loss is a loss. >> they'll get the bill but it sends a message to democrats that independents and lots of de
is because nobody in america seems to know the bill. it's pieces of this and pieces of that and all crafted in back rooms and i have firsthand experience because i have family who lives there and they're experiencing their healthcare system. though you have national healthcare, you have to pay for things. if you don't pay for things, for example, if you want a blood test, get it for free from the hospital but if you go to a facility where a doctor is on staff, you pay 10, 30, $25 to get the same blood test. if you pay, you get it within a few hours to overnight. and if you go to the hospital for free, you'll get it in a week to ten days. is that what we want in america? i don't think so. >> are you thinking since massachusetts and the scott brown election, which is in large part voters there getting sick of the same thing you are. healthcare. the way the government a going about it. that maybe whatever the congressman's trying to come up with, they might not come up with it at all? in other words you're protesting something that might not happen. >> i hope by my voice being heard, we won't
terrorist from boarding a plane to america and steps we'll take to prevent it from happening again. secretary of homeland security janet napolitano will discuss her review of aviation screening, technology and procedures. how that terrorist boarded a plane with explosives that could have killed fearly 300 innocent people and how we will strengthen aviation security going forward. today i want to briefly summarize their conclusions and the steps i've ordered to address them. in our ever changing world, america's first line of defense is timely, accurate intelligence that is shared, integrated, analyzed and acted upon quickly and effecttively. that is what the intelligence reforms after the 9/11 attacked largely achieved. that's what the intelligence community does every day. but unfortunately, that's not what happened in the lead-up to christmas day. it's now clear that shortcomings occurred in three broad and compounding ways. first, although our intelligence community had learned a great deal about the al-qaeda affiliate in yemen, called al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula, we knew
breaks to companies that create good jobs with good and decent wages here in the united states of america. >> reporter: now, earlier in the month when the president announced he was going to be visiting the area it was pounded on by the local paper. it noted since obama's '08 visit the housing market collapsed that knocked down demand for plasterboard made at the plant and the plant closed. the paper editorial was highly critical of what it described as tax increases, larger government and health care man days. joblessness is up in lorraine currently at over 11%. one out of every four lorraine residents lives in poverty. jobs are desperately needed here. that brings us to the federal stimulus package. the "washington post" today said lorraine received 33 millions in stimulus. the impact on local unemployment is at best questionable. money has again to the port authority, school system, which is in debt. local housing authority, small business development and a summer jobs program. not a profound impact on joblessness here. i did get ahold of the folks at city hall to ask them about the "w
health insurance plans. stewart is with union workers of america, good to have you here. >> great to see you, neil. great to be with you. >> neil: they're not looking to get a special exemption, are they? >> no. we don't believe you should tax health benefits at all. we want them to require employers to provide health benefits and help all americans get healthcare and not tax it. that is the wrong wayor pay for healthcare. >> neil: but you're okay with taxing rich guys to pay for it, right? >> absolutely. they got a $2.5 trillion tax cut under president bush. wife not ask them to pay a little bit now to fix the healthcare system? >> neil: they have a lot of their taxes going up. the surtaxes in 26 states going up. it's not enough. >> well, we have to fix the healthcare system and we have to do it in a way that spreads the cost, lowers the cost, and allows more americans to get healthcare. >> neil: so why not have everyone -- fine point. why not allow everyone to have skin in the game here? every time something is mentioned, seriously, every time something is mentioned where the union guy
thing, for all the talk about how the democrats really believe america wants this, scott brown, the senate candidate, is specifically campaigning on the idea that he will be the vote that keeps it from happening and that's why he's leading in the polls. it -- it defies the very sort of articulate exposure that nancy pelosi and harry reid continue to give to congress saying stay with us because this is what the people want. >> neil: i want to get to examples but scott brown, we had him on the show and one thing i raised it he was an early backer as a state senator of your old presidential candidate -- opponent. mitt romney. for this state healthcare program now falling on tough times. he is -- he said it came a little different than he envisioned. will that bite him? democrats are saying, you know, you say one thing and do another. >> a lot of republicans, if they looked at scott brown's record, they would say we can't be for this guy but they say compared to cokely, we can be for him. that's a lot of republican money an energy put into scott brown that wouldn't be if he was in
and minimize the capacity of terrorists to strike against the lives and liberties of america. >> this administration is intent on shutting down gitmo, might be delayed, developments like the amsterdam to detroit flight and the yemen es might stew and go to illinois. what do you think of that and whether now this changes the equation for that? >> well obviously i think there's far less appeal, even for the interest groups that wanted gitmo shut down. to the idea of closing gitmo because there aren't good places to put those individuals. and i personally believe it was a good decision to have guantanamo bay as place for detaining war combatants against the united states. i believe it was appropriate when it was open. some of the individuals that we made an evident to release and did release have been very dangerous in spite of our best efforts to release only those who have not been dangerous. so when you're dealing with national security, you have to be very careful and you can't be just satisfying various special interest groups to want to promote one sort of idea or another.
vigilant. >> no, that's not a part of being vigilant. that's something different which is not what america's about. this isn't about singling out muslims or those of the islamic faith. >> yemeni transfers might ends up in illinois. >> to the point you made initially, and i think that's really where it is, when you build in the infrastructure and the network in which you not destabilize central intelligence and their communications with national security and the f.b.i. and even local law enforcement, you're enhancing that, then the information you get flows through appropriately and you can get in place the checks and balanceses. more to the point, if you build out your network on the ground in places like yemen, in places like afghanistan and so forth, you then enhance the opportunity to not make those mistakes going forward. you don't have to single out someone or profile them because of their faith to get at the bad actors here. it's pretty obvious if you build the network in place. going back to the '70s to the carter presidency where they destabilized the central intelligence agency wh
a sent seat held by democrats since 1952 in the most blue of blue states in america an it's not close, that's a wakeup call where there's a five-alarm sound going off. >> neil: there's also a pass of an olive branch to the republicans who -- let's see what we can craft. republicans could say no, hoist them on their own or they could strike a deal before the midterm elections on something that would offer protection for preexisting conditions, that sort of thing. what do you think they'll do? >> if smart they'll look for issues they can agree on. the republicans can't say we're against everything you want to propose because americans understand there are -- >> neil: why not? >> that's when the house and senate both had a 2,000-page bill nobody read. when they come out the with specific pieces and doable in small are chunks. >> neil: you think these what they'll do. they'll do that and if republicans are in record opposed to any one of those chunks, boomerang. >> then they look like obstructionist. they're just against the 2,000-page horse choker of a bill that, when passed, was going t
, the america's economic future will be sound. if we allow the debt to continue to spiral in this unsustainable way, it puts a cloud over our economic future as mr. greenspan just said recently. >> neil: do you think given the tone on the markets last week, just the thought, not exclusively but in large part, ben bernanke might not be reappointed has given those opposed pause. they're going to say yeah, i'll vote for the guy, i'd hold my nose and vote for the guy because i don't want to see a global panic. >> i think that probably will be one of the things some people will say that they feel like a change could be does disruptive but we need change. mr. bernanke was the architect of the aggressive low interest rate policies that led to the bust. and he did not foresee it. and now he's telling us if we allow him to continue in this way and do the things he's likely to do, unprecedented in history, now he knows how to get us out. >> we showed dick durbin in his offices. but obviously they're trying to marshal the votes as soon as they can. let's say he doesn't make t for some reason this escalate
think. you know who? in the end it makes people think. you want something that america is accustomed to? easy stories to bring them in. but in the end, still, although the story line is as you said very maybe -- people know what to expect. it's still makes them think. makes them think about global warming. you know, with the whole -- >> neil:no, no, no. no, no, no. shira, i don't buy it. i know you're the arts and entertainment critic. >> culture critic. >> neil: the power company and eric brocovic, the same -- erin brockocbrockocivice same a pow power companies. and "happy feet," -- >> they're stories! >> neil: i know they're stories! >> it's carbon copy. one character loves another character and they fall in love. boring. >> neil: do an evil hollywood mogul. do an evil hollywood mogul. >> they don't win in the end. >> neil: they don't make $1 billion. make up other villains. we need villains. you're right. >> they do make up other -- look at "happy feet." they did look at the government. and the capitalist society. and those were the villains. however, the penguins were also the vill
those people. help those people. they want democracy, where is the united states of america? not the to mention the fact they're threaten israel's death and ours too. >> are you ever concerned -- you lean to the right but are you worried republicans are overreaching, getting too cocky and overinterpreting massachusetts? look at oregon. >> no because we haven't had time yet. >> neil: but it happens. >> give us time. it very well can happen. it is in large part a negative reaction to the people that are in power right now. we need to understand that. we need to correctly interpret what's going on now the way that the obama administration did not correctly interpret the last election. >> neil: you going to run for president? >> you may not notice but i tried that. >> neil: i know you did. zoo no. >> at all? >> no. >> neil: if you do, would you announce it with me first? >> no. >> neil: no. >> my radio show. >> all right, thank you both very much. he was whining about the cold. you have become a hollywood star and -- >> you have a plush studio and you brick -- bring us out here.
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16